Note: Amenity rental prices may be subject to discounts for overnight guests. Please ask the camp manager.

Fields: We have several large, flat, clear fields suitable for group games and activities. These are free for your use as a guest of Craig Springs. Please schedule your activities with the camp manager so as not to conflict with other groups using the facilities.

Picnic Shelter

Covered area with ½ bath, open-pit fire, and enough picnic tables to seat 80. $20 for first hour, $5 per hour after the first hour, or $35 a day.

Central Reception Room

This newly renovated room is located on the ground level of Central Hotel and is adjoined to the Fireplace Room with French doors. It is a spacious room with tables and chairs to seat approximately 32. This room is ideal for meetings. This room can be reserved for $25 for the first hour, $10 per hour after the first hour, or for $75 a day.

The Fireplace Room

Located on the ground level of Central Hotel, this room has a baby grand piano, fireplace, and seats approximately 13. This room has a cozy living room feel and board games are available for your use. The Fireplace Room can be reserved for $15 for the first hour, $5 per hour after the first hour, or $50 a day.

Oak Lodge Meeting Rooms

There is one large meeting/lounge area with seating for approximately 23, and three smaller ones that seat approximately 10-14 each. These rooms are free to those renting Oak Lodge for overnight stay. For those not staying overnight in Oak Lodge, the fee is $35 for the first hour, $10 per hour after the first hour, or $75 a day. Use of the kitchen and dining facilities in the lodge are available for an additional $35 per hour, or $75 a day.

Swimming Pool

Our beautiful blue swimming pool varies in depths from 3 to 7 feet and has a handicap-accessible ramp. The maximum number of people in the pool area at one time is 40. This includes all people in the pool area, not just swimmers. There are no exceptions to this rule without consent of the camp manager. The pool is $25 per hour, plus an additional $10 per hour lifeguard fee. There must be one lifeguard per twenty persons. Reservations for the pool are subject to the availability of our lifeguards and is only available during the summer camping season.

The Club House

This building features a large, open, non-furnished main room with a fireplace. It has an indoor full bath, kitchen appliances, and an outdoor half-bath (sink and flush toilet). Outside of the Club House there is a fire pit, mini-golf course, horse shoe pits, and open fields suitable for camping. $30 for the first hour, $15 for every hour after the first, or $75 per day. Camping sites are extra.

The Glass House

This large room with many windows is perfect for large meetings, worship services, or dances. It has a small low-level stage, a podium, a piano, and 150 metal folding chairs for optional use. $30 for first hour, $15 per hour after first hour, or $75 per day.

Spring House
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