Monroe Cabins—Maximum sleeping occupancy: 28

5 bedrooms; 4 full baths; 1 half bath; (Full kitchen and laundry room optional); porch

Monroe cabin is located upon the hill overlooking the pool. This cabin has been recently renovated and all appliances and fixtures are new. Rooms 4 & 5 are adjoining. Monroe’s five bedrooms can be reserved for $130 per night. Kitchen/laundry room is an additional $50 if this option is chosen coming to a total of $180 total per night.

R1: Full kitchen and laundry (optional- $50 extra)

R2: 2 twin beds; ½ bath

R3: 4 bunk beds; 1 full bath; wheelchair accessible

R4: 6 bunk beds; 1 full bath; wheelchair accessible

R5: 2 bunk beds; 1 full bath

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