What to Bring

Sleeping Bag


Pillow & Pillow Case

Towels & Wash Cloths

Rain Wear


Insect Repellent


Paper and Pencils/Pens

Toiletries (soap/toothbrush/toothpaste, etc.)

Stamps and envelopes

Fan and power strip/extension cord

Money is not needed for canteen, it is included in registration

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Closed-toe shoes required on hikes and at night.

Sandals/flip flops/open toed shoes are allowed when not on hikes

Shoes must be worn at all times.



Long and Short Pants

Tee-shirts (appropriate for Church Camp)


Swimwear (appropriate for Church Camp)


Clothing :  Leave the following at home —

Shirts and clothing that display messages or illustrations of a profane or suggestive nature or relates to drugs,

alcohol, or any illegal substance are prohibited from being worn.

Low-cut shirts.

Clothing that shows boxers, underwear or bras or the parts those items of clothing should be covering.

Shorts that show your bottom when you bend over.

Swimsuits that you wouldn’t wear in front of someone you respect.

Shoes that you can’t walk in.


DO NOT BRING:                                               

Cell phones

Sound systems  or  TVs

Personal Gaming Devices (PSP, DSi, etc.)



Candles, incense or anything else that creates                                              

an open flame

Shaving cream (unless you are of shaving age)

Weapons of any kind—includes knives



You may bring music players with headphones for rest & sleep times.

Craig Springs is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables.


The presence and use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will result in the camper being sent home.

The use of all tobacco products is banned on all Craig Springs property.

In the interest of putting your child’s safety and security first, Craig Springs management reserves the right to search camper’s and staff member’s personal belongings and/or vehicle if there is reason to suspect illegal substances or weapons. If a search is conducted there will always be two adults present and the camper/staff member being searched will be given the option to be present.  All efforts to protect their privacy will be made.

 Prescription Medications:  The camp nurse will keep all prescription medications.  They MUST be sent to camp in the original containers so the camp nurse can verify dosage.  DO NOT send prescription medications in plastic bags, pill boxes or any other container.