Craig Springs Camp Schedule


Press Release regarding cancellation of all physical camps at Craig Springs Camp and Conference Center

From: The Camp and Conference Ministry of the Virginia Region
The Camp and Conference Ministry, after prayer and ongoing monitoring of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as listening to many voices in a “Townhall style” zoom gathering with many across the region, have decided that we will cancel all camps for this summer at Craig Springs. We make this decision with heavy hearts and fully acknowledge the grief that comes with this decision for both those who have had to make the decision, as well as those who will not be able to attend camp on the mountain this summer. Though there were many factors for this final decision, the main one comes down to the fact that we could not guarantee the safety of our campers or the loved ones who might be unknowingly infected as they returned home.
The leadership team of the C&CM has agreed that we will continue to monitor the reports from the CDC and the Governor’s office. When they indicate that it is safe to return to gather again in larger groups, we will explore ways to gather either at Craig Springs or other locations across the Virginia Region. We live in uncertain times in which we do not know when we will come to the other side of this virus wilderness, however, we can make this decision and be ready to develop other ways to gather when we are informed that it is safe to do so.
We have also begun plans to create an online “Camp-like” experience in which campers will be able to gather with their friends through a virtual portal. In brief, this will allow campers to participate in activities with each other in the morning and afternoons and then gather for worship and campfire in the evenings. We know that this will not replace camp on the mountain but while we are in the wilderness, this will be our Manna (Exodus 16: 31-32). There will be no cost to attend this virtual camp experience as it will be a gift to help get us all through these times. More information regarding this online camp portal will be forthcoming through the Virginia Christian, website, and the website by June 1, 2020.
These are extremely different times in which we are living but the larger story of our faith reminds us that we are not alone as our God still goes ahead of us. Like those in the wilderness many generations ago or our ancestors from only a generation or two ago, who chose to cancel camp gatherings during the flu of 1918, many are being asked to sacrifice things we thought would always stay the same. Please pray for each other and encourage campers to take advantage of the virtual camp experience and watch for updates for possible other gathering events in the future.
Blessings and Prayers
Exodus 16: 31-32
31 The house of Israel called it manna; it was like coriander seed, white, and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey. 32Moses said, ‘This is what the Lord has commanded: “Let an omer of it be kept throughout your generations, in order that they may see the food with which I fed you in the wilderness, when I brought you out of the land of Egypt.”