COVID-19 Update

Updated 2/22/2021

Craig Springs family,

We are actively planning for Craig Springs to be open for camps and retreats in the summer of 2021! We fervently believe in the importance of our camp experiences for youth and adults. We are committed to identifying safe ways to ensure we can open camp, but things will be different than years before as we all work together to remain healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It is important to acknowledge that COVID-19 will not be completely eradicated by this summer. We will maintain full compliance with the Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Department of Health, and local health district guidelines for mitigation, and we are working on policies and procedures for participation to minimize risk while preserving the camp experience including:

  • Diligent, multilayered non-pharmaceutical interventions (face coverings, health screenings, hygiene practices, physical distancing, sanitation) to combat the spread of COVID-19 during our events

  • Maximizing our use of all outdoor spaces

  • Limiting the participation capacity of events

There are many things we are currently unable to know for certain. Many of our adult leaders may have had access to vaccinations by their participation dates, however, most youth will not have access by this summer. Our plan to open Craig Springs assumes that restrictions on gatherings will be relaxed by June; Virginia is currently in Phase 3 which prohibits overnight camp opening. However, we are also actively exploring backup plans for ways to provide the camp experience if we are not able to be fully functional.

To be transparent and provide each of you and your families with the information you need to decide on your participation this summer, we will continue to frequently update you through our Craig Springs website, Region of Virginia website, camp social media accounts, listservs, and the Virginia Christian mailing as opening plans develop. If you have questions or concerns as we prepare for a safe camp opening, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In Christ,

Craig Springs opening plan working group

Ryan Wilkerson, Craig Springs Camp Minister & Manager; 817-368-2009

Janice Austin, Co-chair, Camp & Conference Ministry; Chair, Program and Events Task Group; 540-320-4086

Mark Hodges, RN, Craig Springs Medical Coordinator

Sarah Trezza, PA-C, Program and Events Task Group member

Bill Spangler-Dunning, Regional Minister; 434-846-3400