Sponsorship Program

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Why should I become a sponsor?

Sponsors, like volunteers, are the lifeblood of the Craig Springs facility. Our facility hosts over 500 youth and adults every summer through the Outdoor Ministry Program. This program helps to create our future church leaders and ministry workers. Therefore, your sponsorship is vital to the development and sustainment of the Disciples of Christ denomination.


Are there different types of sponsorships?

Yes. Currently there are two types of sponsorships: Working Sponsorship and Monetary Sponsorship.

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

Being a sponsor means you are the primary caretaker of said building or project.  For a Working Sponsorship, this means you raise money to fund and organize a group of skilled workers to come to Craig Springs to take care of necessary repairs and regular maintenance. For a Monetary Sponsorship, it means you donate enough money to ensure that repairs and maintenance are taken care of by other workers.

How long is a sponsorship term?

A sponsorship term is a three year commitment. At the end of three years, the Property Committee will reevaluate your building/project and you will be given the choice to renew, retire, or change your sponsorship.

Which building would I sponsor?

You should take on the sponsorship that most closely aligns with your financial means and/or your laboring ability. Please note that there are sponsorships for other things besides buildings such as the pool, ball court, waterlines, golf cart,  etc.

Who do we talk to regarding our sponsorship or work projects?

All communication from sponsors should be directed to the Camp Manager who acts as the liaison between sponsors and the property committee. Each sponsor should designate a contact person who will communicate on a regular basis with the Camp Manager.

What projects do we do?

You will be given a list of projects at the beginning of each term. This list is created by the Property Committee every three years when they conduct a formal review of your sponsored building or project. If other needs arise during the sponsorship term, they will be communicated to you through the Camp Manager. The projects are prioritized based on  the needs of the program & safety issues, as well as, stewardship of resources & property.

What is the sponsorship account money used for?

The sponsorship account acts as an emergency funds account for said building or project. The money will set aside as future funds for the said building/project preferably for times when the building/project is without sponsorship. Designated funds for one building/project will never be used for another.

Who can spend the sponsorship account money?

The Camp Manager is the only spender of this money. Sponsors will be given account specifics of all expenditures including receipts and work details.

What about money leftover in the sponsorship account?

This remainder builds each year to create a reserve. This reserve acts as a cushion for unforeseen damage or times without sponsorship. Again, please note that designated funds for one building/project will never be used for another.

Will my group’s name be put on a sign outside of the building?

No. Craig Springs has chosen to step away from the tradition of signage. Instead, each sponsoring group will have their name engraved on a nameplate and placed on the Craig Springs Sponsorship Plaque. This plaque will be a permanent fixture in the main office.

How do I become a sponsor?

1. Assess your group’s financial means, skilled laborer resources, and volunteer workers.

2. Review the Sponsorship Opportunity Sheet to find the building or project that best matches with your abilities

3.  Contact the Camp Manager to make it official.

Email: CraigSprings@hotmail.com
Camp Phone: 540-864-5768